The Who / The Clash / David Johansen

Queens, NY

Shea Stadium

Wednesday October 13, 1982

A bunch of us worked at Post 53, the local ambulance service run by high school kids.  We had tickets for the show but it was on the same night of our weekly meeting.  After a bunch of hemming and hawing and arguments, Bud Doble – our chief adult advisor and founder – said “anyone goes to the concert and they’re off the Post”.  We ended up having the  meeting, which lasted only a few minutes as I recall, after which, Mr. Doble loaded those of us who were there into his car and DROVE us to the show.  Great lesson, great man, GREAT SHOW!

The Who AND The Clash shows are now available on DVD and/or album.  Here’s a clip from the show on the 12th: