Simon & Garfunkel

New York, NY

The Paramount

Friday October 1, 1993

Seeing these guys together was a thrill, and one song in particular earned it a place on my “Top Concert Moments” list. Art Garfunkel started “Bridge Over Troubled Water” under an almost hypnotizing blue light covering the stage – even the light was memorable – while Paul Simon sat listening at the back of the stage. By the time they reached the part where the dual-vocal usually kicks in, Art already had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Paul sat in his chair and let him finish the song solo. It was as if he would have been infringing on a moment…and he was gracefully aware. When the last verse reached the end, I’d never seen such unanimous enthusiasm and collective awareness of what we’d just been part of. The most well-earned and genuine standing ovation I’ve seen.

1993-10-01 Simon & Garfunkel.jpg